Wednesday, September 9, 2009

10 Things: Fashion Trivia

This week's 10 things post...drumroll please...
10 things you may or may not know about fashion!
I looked really hard, so hopefully you fashionista's will learn at least a little something!
Let me know if you learn something, or if you have fashion facts of your own to share!

1. The Lacoste crocodile is considered to be the first logo to appear on garments.

2. Stiletto is a Renaissance-era Ital
ian word for an assassin’s narrow-bladed knife.

4. Hurbert de Givenchy met Hepburn during the filming of Sabrina in 1953, and is credited for creating ‘The Audrey Hepburn look’. He went onto design the wardrobe of many of Hepburn’s most loved films.

4.Vogue was launched in 1892 as a weekly society magazine – it wasn’t until Conde Naste took it over in 1909 that it really took off.

5. Although we all get skinny jean fever, boot cut jeans are still most popular. Larissa Noble, director of denim design at 7 For All Mankind says boot cuts make up 46% of sales (wide leg jeans make up 35%, straight leg denim comes in at 12%, and skinny jeans make up a slim 7%).

6. A clothing item is technically "vintage" only if it comes from between 1920-1960. After that, the piece is considered "retro"

7. Bermuda shorts are called Bermuda shorts because in Bermuda in the 1930's it was illegal for women to show their thighs, so locals and tourists just lengthened their shorts to the knee.

8. The contemporary stiletto was invented in the 1950s by Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo, who made his first pair for Marilyn Monroe in alligator skin. The models back then were tame by today's standards, with heels no higher than about 3 inches.

9. The first Chanel suit was released in 1923.

10. In France, the term haute couture is protected by law and is defined by the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris.Their rules state that only "those companies mentioned on the list drawn up each year by a commission domiciled at the Ministry for Industry are entitled to avail themselves" of the label haute couture. The criteria for haute couturewere established in 1945 and updated in 1992.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Oh yes, I camp yall. A girl who lives south of the Mason-Dixon better go camping every now and then. By the time this is posted, I will beheading up a gorgeous mountain to camp by a waterfall tonight. Any big plans for the holiday? I hope all of you are enjoying your Memorial Day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall 2009 Trends

Fall is quickly approaching. Here's a little heads ups on what will be going on this fall. I'm super excited about some of these looks.

(I do know what designer each piece is from, i just dont have time to post it right now. im just trying to get this post up because i have to study! i will post them later, but if you really want to know who a certain piece is by, just email me!)

Welcome to the 80s! (again)
  • In keeping with back to the 80s, bigger is apparently better as far as shoulders! Thankfully, from what I can tell, these shoulder pads wont make you look like a linebacker, but have a grace that really appears slimming. The look is often contoured down towards the waist so it doesn't have a bulky look at all.
  • Forget everything you know about metallics and sequins being just for the night. Designers are breaking them out for the daytime and bringing some much needed sparkle to gloomy (and often gray) fall and winter weather.
  • Pink was all over the runway looking chic on everything. If you're a little scared to be pretty in pink, start slow with just a hot pink bag or shoes.
  • Big, chunky knits. Mixing color and pattern, layering of chunky knits over leggings was all over the runway. This look keeps with the shoulder pad look..its really popular right now to create the inverted triangle look, tapering down to a tiny waist. Also making a statement on the runways were knit and fur cowls.
  • Over-the-knee boots dominated the runway in New York, Milan and Paris. Worn like leggings with the ever-present bold-shouldered jacket and mini skirt.
  • Leggings Liquid leggings and shiny tights will be the standout choices for this season, but fishnets, ribbed knit tights, and animal prints are all important layering pieces.
  • Asymmetrical shoulder lines
  • Leather. Jackets and pants...preferably NOT together (please)

2. American Movie Classics
Think Katherine Hepburn and Joan Crawford. 40's. 80's isnt the only decade thats back.

  • Button-down shirts nipped at the waist as shown by Ralph Lauren are reminiscent of Katherine Hepburn in the mid 1900s. when paired with slouchy menswear trousers or cigarette pants it is ultra-chic.
  • more Shoulder pads and nipped waists.
  • The little black dress, of course. Always in style. Also seeing a lot of sheath dresses.
  • Novelty patterns Create the layered effect that is so prominent this season. Tweed, plaid, and pinstripe are just a few of the patterns seen on the runways that evoke memories of classic American film stars.

3. Barely there Boudoir

  • Lacy Bralettes
  • Molded corsets
  • Pairing something lacy, sheer and tight with slouchy pants or a men's jacket.

4. Rouching everywhere!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We have all heard (over and over) how good working out is, not only for your physical health but your mental health as well. As a soon(-ish) to be health care professional, I thought I would do a post on stress and its affect on your body. Also, I'm hoping writing this will encourage me to go get moving! Stress is the emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure from the outside world. The stress response is the body’s way of protecting you. When working properly, it helps you stay focused, energetic, and alert. In emergency situations, stress can save your life – giving you extra strength to defend yourself, or urging you to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident.

But beyond a certain point, stress stops being helpful and starts causing major damage to your health, your mood, your productivity, your relationships, and your quality of life.

Under sudden stress, you will get a burst of exceptional strength and endurance, as your body pumps out stress hormones:
  • Your heart speeds up
  • Blood flow to your brain and muscles increases up to 400 percent
  • Your digestion stops (so it doesn't use up energy that's needed elsewhere)
  • Your muscle tension increases
  • You breathe faster, to bring more oxygen to your musclesPsychologist Connie Lillas uses a driving analogy to describe the three most common ways people respond when they’re overwhelmed by stress.
When stress is a constant factor in your life, it can cause many affects on your body:
  • chronic fatigue
  • digestive upsets
  • headaches
  • back pain.
  • stress affects the blood cells that help you fight off infection, so you are more likely to get colds and other diseases.
  • increase blood pressured
  • increased risk of stroke.
  • increase the risk of heart attacks
  • worsen asthma or cause an increase in frequency of attacks
  • triggers behaviors that contribute to death and disability, such as smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse etc.
  • diminished sexual desire
  • inability to achieve orgasm.
  • stress makes it harder to take other steps to improve health, such as giving up smoking or making changes in diet.
Stress also causes mental and emotional affects like
  • Irritability
  • Self- Esteem problems
  • Depression
  • Can make you feel jumpy/shaky
  • Feeling of hopelessness
Crazy Stress Facts:
  • According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, two-thirds of office visits to family doctors are for stress-related symptoms.

  • Stress-related mental disorders have been called the fastest-growing occupational (work-related) disease in the U.S.

Physical activity is one of the best methods of managing
stress. It benefits your stress levels in a few basic ways.

1. Exercise is physically and mentally strengthening, allowing your body to withstand the effects of stress.
2. Exercise stretches muscles that have grown tight due to stress.

3. Exercise requires the mind to focus on the activity at hand, rather than whatever is currently stressful.
4. Exercise burns adrenaline stores, built up from m
inor daily stresses, and releases endorphins, which cause a calming effect on the brain (this is the "high" you might feel after a workout).
5. Exercise increases your oxygen intake.

6. Boosts self-esteem and overall feeling of wellness.

"Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, releases hormones, stimulates the nervous system, and increases levels of morphinelike substances found in the body (such as beta-endorphin) that can have a positive effect on mood. Exercise may trigger a neurophysiological high-a shot of adrenaline or endorphins- that produces an antidepressant effect in some, an antianxiety effect in others, and a general sense of "feeling better" in most."
-Michael H. Sacks, M.D.: Exercise For Stress Control

If you didn't read any of that or if you didn't find it at all motivating or interesting..maybe these power pics will do the trick!

Monday, August 31, 2009

10 things: i lust

Ready for a self-centered, greedy post? Ok!

So to try to better control spending (I'm a student for one more year yall!), I've decided to set aside anything more than $50 that i like. Then I think about it, get the money together and buy it, IF, a week later I still want it as much as i did at first. So, here are this week's things...I will let you know if I end up buying any of them after I let the week long time limit pass ;)

10 things I am lusting after right now.

They are all over the place. A little bit of everything..

Tory Burch. Saks. $235

Silence & Noise. Urban Outfitters. $58

Steven Alan. $495

Anthropologie. $78

Steve Madden. Lulus. $99.50 sale!!

Anthropologie. $88

Shabby Apple. $108
Not the greatest pic. You have to look at the details of this dress-- fab!

Badgley Mischka. Saks. $338.
You can get a better idea of the bag by looking at the other pics on the saks website. I'm a little bit in love with it.

Nanette Lepore. Neiman Marcus. $348

Modcloth. $89.99
This is such a steal! And I know for a fact that these boots are well made and do NOT look friend has a pair and they are great. Plus, she wears them all the time because she's not afraid of messing them up because they were such a great price.