Monday, August 31, 2009

10 things: i lust

Ready for a self-centered, greedy post? Ok!

So to try to better control spending (I'm a student for one more year yall!), I've decided to set aside anything more than $50 that i like. Then I think about it, get the money together and buy it, IF, a week later I still want it as much as i did at first. So, here are this week's things...I will let you know if I end up buying any of them after I let the week long time limit pass ;)

10 things I am lusting after right now.

They are all over the place. A little bit of everything..

Tory Burch. Saks. $235

Silence & Noise. Urban Outfitters. $58

Steven Alan. $495

Anthropologie. $78

Steve Madden. Lulus. $99.50 sale!!

Anthropologie. $88

Shabby Apple. $108
Not the greatest pic. You have to look at the details of this dress-- fab!

Badgley Mischka. Saks. $338.
You can get a better idea of the bag by looking at the other pics on the saks website. I'm a little bit in love with it.

Nanette Lepore. Neiman Marcus. $348

Modcloth. $89.99
This is such a steal! And I know for a fact that these boots are well made and do NOT look friend has a pair and they are great. Plus, she wears them all the time because she's not afraid of messing them up because they were such a great price.


  1. I love your new "week waiting period" plan!! And I must say, for a student, you have some FABULOUS taste! As a student myself, I have just stopped looking at some of the much finer things because I know there is no way I can have them... and then wanting them makes me grouchy. I can't wait to hear what you end up buying!

  2. Great items to be pining for! My favorites are the gray boots and that black Steven Alan jacket. That Mischka bag is very cool too. Very scholarly. :)

  3. Uh, I like this list! Of all these items my favourite one is the second one, the blazer, perfect for almost everything!

  4. You had me at Tory Burch!! I want every last item on this dress!! I nearly squealed out loud at the Nanette Lepore dress!

  5. Love the anthropologie blouse, something i'd wear anywhere and everywhere!

  6. Those grey boots and brown bag are must-haves I think.

  7. Terrific picks! Love the UO jacket and the slouchy Madden boots. I have very similar boots and can already tell you know... if you get those, you'll be wearing them constantly. They have the perfect slouch factor to make any outfit look instantly cool.

  8. Those Steve Madden boots are fabulous. I adore them!!! I'd definitely splurge there.

    I also may have to steal that plan from you, I'm spending way too much money right now...

  9. I thought you'd be interested:

    One night only, the Wizard of Oz back on the big screen!

  10. The waiting a week period is genius!!! But, I'm in loveee with that jacket! :-)

  11. I quite liked the flats. Very cool!


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