Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 things: 10 fun, time wasting websites.

I know I missed last weeks 10 things sorry! Wont happen again (soon).

Also, I am still working on the 10 things: breakup songs series. We've got the angry songs coming up soon, which are always fun! Hopefully next week!

When I need to just relax and zone out,
sometimes you can find me on one or more of these sites. They are all great for wasting time, relaxing, waking up with your coffee and for when you need a smile.
Im not even going to mentioon Facebook, the ultimate time
waster(/stalker's aid) or youtube because I am sure you all already spend enough time on those!

1. FML

site where people can write, in a line or two, something that happened to them. These can be sad sometimes, others are hard to believe and many of them have made me laugh out loud. Great time waster! The format is always the same.. Today_____something happeneds___. FML. Fml= f my life. Im sure you can figure that out.

An example from this site:
Today, I went on a date with a guy for the first
time. We went to Starbucks and got coffee. We talked for awhile, and we weere joking and having a good time. Suddenly, he put his hand on my stomach and said, "soon, this will be plump with my seed." FML

2. Stuff white people like

A blog format site listing stuff white people like, obviously. It pokes fun at middle/upper middle class white society and it is very funny. Examples of stuff white people like: vegan/vegitarianism, david sedaris, awarness, gifted children, yoga.

3. Texts from last night

Ever woken up from a crazy, alcohol filled night to find a
weird text on your phone that you dont remember? Maybe from someone you dont know? Or maybe you sent one that made no sense? Or, you may have sent one to your friend when you were a little out of it..hopefully they dont know about this site yet. If they do, you might want to check and see if its on there! This is the site for you. Each text shows the are codes of the phones they were sent from. If the texts are between two people in one are code, the 2nd number will have a 1 before the area code.
I once laughed so hard while (time wasting) on this site that diet coke came out my nose..ouch. Be careful!

Examples from the site:

(201): I'm smoking weed out of a trumpet

(908): I just did a slip and slide down the hall way of my apartment building
(201): Tie

(570): why did i make a hit list last night containing only McDonalds?
(1-570): you tried to order a magarita mcflurry and when
they said they didnt make those you tried to call 911

(818): I can only speak casual parseltoungue, im not bad though. just the general, "wheres the bathroom?" "open the chamber of secrets" that type of stuff

4. Stumble Upon

Click here for details. This is a great site. It can also be added to firefox as part of your web browser. Basically, you fill out information on things you like (fashion, design, movies, cooking, politics etc) and you click the "stumble" button and it stumbled you around the internet taking you to pages it thinks you will like. You can then give feedback on wether of not you liked this site which helps to further specialize what the program finds for you. I've found great recipes, fun blogs, design ideas, music and more unsing stumble!

5. Psychotic Letters From Men

A hilarious blog guessed it...psychotic letters from men! T
he one posted right now is about blogging, read it! This site is run by a man actually, and he only picks the best crazy-men stories. Also, he varifies them so they are definitely real! If you have any crazy letters from men..send them in to him!

6. Free Rice

Free Rice is a vocabulary game site. It will show you a word and you will have to choose (from a list) the one word that describes the meaning of the word you were given. For every word you get right, the site sponseers will pay for 10 grains of rice to be given to help end h
unger. 10 grains of rice is not much, but if you play a few minutes each day while tons of others are doing the same, it could make a difference. Through this site, 43,942,622,700 grains of rice were donated in 2008.

The Best of Craigslist

Craigslist is great for apartment hunting, buying pets, buying, um not so much. It's actually pretty creepy to look through the personals and I wouldnt recommend it. The "best of craigslist" are pretty funny though. Careful, you will want to stop and then you will see another heading that looks to god to pass up..this trend can go on for hours!

Found Magazine

A site full of letters, notes, lists, signs etc that people found on the street, in library books, grocery carts (all over really). Some of these random things from random people can convey such emotion. I have laughed and been deeply touched when looking around this site. Also, sometimes its just weird..which can be fun too! I find it so interesting to get a glimpse into some anonymous persons life.
To see something of theirs that they thought no one else would see. It can be funny, but sometimes its heartbreaking. Even the most simple ones, like this:

I picture a soon to be divorced woman tearfully putting this post it on a pot of chili and leaving it for her husband. Maybe he threw it away and thats how it was found. I hope not.

Im not sure who I picture writing this one...any ideas?

9. Fail Blog

A blog showing fails. Epic fails. This site will make you laugh and will probably make you lose faith in humanity a little..but whatev. It's funny ya'll!

Post Secret Im sure mose people know about post secret by now. There are books full of post secrets. All started by a man who had people anonomously mail in a secret on a post card. Some of them are published on the site. I would totally recommend getting one of the books..i can look through them for hours! I sent my own post secret in once. So far, I havent seen it on the website or the book! Here is one from the site.

Let me know if you visit any of these sites and what you think! What are your fav time wasting internet stops?


  1. Almost all of those I waste my time on! Awesome!

    So, onto funny drunk texts, my old roommate woke up and found his text messages overflowing. He text a ton of people that he was in cash cab and needed the answer to [insert weird question I don't remember here]. It was HILARIOUS! No, he was NEVER in cash cab! haha

  2. This is an awesome post!! As if I didn't already waste enough time out in cyber space, you've given me more reasons to do so! I love FML, and Free Rice sounds super cool. I have also book marked the texts from last night site. Hoooolarious!

  3. I completely agree! I waste so much time on FML, Post Secret, and Texts from Last Night. They're fabulous. It's always good for a good laugh and to feel better about your own life.

  4. I really enjoyed this post! I need some cool websites to pass the time at work! Thanks! :)

  5. Oh no, now I'll just end up spending more time online after reading this! ;-) Thanks for all the fab finds... I didn't know about most of them. The first FML story is hilarious yet disturbing... haha. I agree.. that note is quite sad. I'll definitely check out these sites!

  6. Oh my goodness, heading over there now!
    That note is sad, I'd rather believe the chili gesture reminded him how much he loves her and that he kept the note as a reminder of why he didn't go through with the divorce.

    Oh, I also love this site:

  7. hahaha you killed me with 2! thing white people like... but you're right! but hey Hally Berry practice yoga!

  8. You are now my fav. person ever for doing this post! Hahahahah!!!! Check out e-mail from crazy people! It is SOOO funny!
    Thanks for this list!

  9. whaaattt??!!! thank you for sharing this. FML?! HAHAHAHAHA!!! that is too funny. yup that will be added to my favorites.

  10. Post Secret is great, but I hadn't stumbled on the others yet!

  11. This is awesome :) I've heard of some of these (FML, Post Secret, Best of Craigslist) but I'll be sure to check out the others when I'm bored.

  12. Haha I love this post. FML is definitely one of my favorites!

  13. Oh no, I have way too many ridiculously embarrassing texts that I could submit.

  14. haha! These are GREAT sites, that I too procrastinate on! I also love 'the Daily What' ( and 'Surviving the World'( as well. =] PS, I just stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for a book review and I think your blog is great! =]

  15. I've never heard of any of these sites before but will have to check them out soon.

  16. Oh my god, my boyfriend and I spend hours watching the fail blog, too funny!

  17. I love FML. And now because of you, I love texts from last night.

    Love Grace.

  18. FML is my secret guilty pleasure besides wearing my gucci's and binge eating on ice cream. shhhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone! haha

  19. Loooove FML!! Haha and I have spent far too many nights staying up into the early hours of the morning telling myself "just one more stumble!". Hope you're having a wonderful day :)

  20. Thanks for sharing. I love Stuff White People Like!!


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