Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Style Inspiration- Emma Watson

Emma Watson first captured audiences as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. The world quickly took note of this beauty's fresh, sweet style. She is both unique and classic.

Emma tends to wear elegantly dramatic looks for red carpet events and wears a stylish but more subdued look for her day-to-day. This girl is not just another pretty face with a good stylist. She is fashionable herself, she is smart, articulate and h
umble. A much needed positive role model for younger girls. She just may be a fashion icon for the younger generation of girls..we shall see!

We never want to completely copy someone else's look, but I think it is great to appreciate and take pieces from the styles of those we admire. a lot of dramatic That's what style inspiration is! Below you will see a few pics of some of Emma's great looks and ways you can emulate her style.

Emma mixes ver
y girly pieces with more masculine ones, dramatic with classic, and frilly with structured.
A classic white skirt goes beautifully with this very structured leather top.

Asos. $58.85

This light and very feminine dress is so classic. When paired with a leather studded cuff the look is reinvented and inspired.
F21. $27.80

Betsey Johnson. $365

For the bracelet, i suggest you search for one on Etsy and get something one of a kind. When I searched "leather cuff" there were more than 4,000 results!

This is a great casual look for when the weather starts getting cooler.

Grab a jacket like this one from Urban Outfitters which is a steal at $138. Put it together with some dark wash skinny leg jeans, flats and a scarf.

Here are a few more pics of Emma looking fab. If any of these looks really strikes you, let me know
(email me at callmedorothy@gmail.com) and I would be more than happy to take the time find the specific pieces or look alikes for you :)


  1. I lovee Emma Watson's style! Great post!

  2. She is unbelievable fabulous. I can't believe how grown up and gorgeous she is! Love it!

  3. Oh, I looooove the look with the yellow scarf! She has such great style!

  4. I love Emma Watson, as an actress and as a role model. Let's hope that her time at Brown University doesn't keep her from being the awesome role model that she is!

  5. Emma has definitely turned into a beautiful young lady. I think she mentioned in an interview with Elle, that she doesn't know if she wants to remain in the public eye, which is why she might choose to leave the UK to study. But in any case, I like her style and think she's a better role model than so many others who make headlines with their crazy behavior.

  6. Oh the dramatic transformation! She's beautiful and I just adore her! I love that her style and that despite being so young she doesn't dress like a pop tart.

  7. She's definitly came a long way, but she has great taste now!!

  8. besides the clothes, you can really see a change in the postures. that's impressive. i really like her style :) Cool post!

  9. she is so cute!! great style!

  10. little hermoine is a style icon! i've just recently started noticing her fabulous looks. that black and white number is my favorite. good job on the outfits. can you come dress me now? ;)

  11. this girl definitely knows how to work the fashion!!! and i wouldn't mind raiding her closet!! fosho!!! plus um.hi she is gorgeous!! lucky!

  12. Seriously, that little chick has grown into her own in a big way. I totally featured that Nordie belt recently. Wish I had bought it.


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