Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet nostalgia

Okay, school just restarted for me and with that and work I have been so swamped this week. Im so sorry for the lack of posts, but I am working out a system...regular blogging will pick up again very shortly. Please, please, please keep checking back..I dont want to lose any of you wonderful readers and your fab comments!

As I've said before, I'm a big reader. I loved reading when I was youn
g too. I was recently going through some boxes and found a box of books from my childhood book shelf. I have to admit, I got a little misty ya'll...

Looking at those books brought back some o
f my first memories..of being read to by my parents, reading to my younger siblings while laying in our bunk beds, of books that I read over and over. I've already posted about Eloise, so here are some others.

I'm sure some of you have connections to a few of
these books as well. If not, I would love to hear about your favorite childhood books!

The Giving Tree- Shel Silverstein

"Once there was a tree
and she loved a little boy.

And the boy loved the tree
very much.
And the tree was happy."

This book teaches a lesson about selfishness and also about unconditional love. It is sad, but it is honest and true. It is sad in the same way that life is sad yet there is still joy in this story


Make Way For Ducklings by
Robert McCloskey

I loved reading about Mr. & Mrs. Mallard and their children and I really loved the drawings.

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”

My mom used to read this to us and I loved this book.

When I got older I realized it got a little weird and creepy when the drives over to her adult son's house to sneak into his room (through the window, note the latter on the car!) to hold him and sing to him like she did when he was a baby. But..because of the overall sweet message of this book, and the memories, I'm willing to over look that creepy-overbearing thing.

The BFG by Roald Dahl

"The matter with human beans
is that they is absolutely refusing to believe in anything
unless they is actually seeing it right in front of their own schnozzles."

I was a big Roald Dahl fan and read all of his kids books. This one was one of my favorites. I so badly wanted to believe that there was a BFG who would blow good dreams into my ear at night and take away all the bad ones. Actually, I still want to believe that.

“No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally worth reading at the age of fifty.”
-CS Lewis


  1. thx for the comment!
    we live in the north of italy<3
    xx cody

  2. ahh I LOVE "Anne from green gables"!!! I used to play with my best friends and of course I was Anne/coz I had sandy/red blond hair/ and she was Diana! I read books, I saw movies and I was even in theater to see a play! LOVE LOVE LOVE Anne!

    Thank you for the award! I can't wait when you post about it! btw... I will have sth for you too!


  3. I read a lot too when I was little.
    I'll love you forever was my FAVORITE!!!!
    I also loved Dr. Seuss ANYTHING!, Amelia Bedelia, anything by Beverly Clearly (Ramona Quimby was my GIRL!!!) and all of the kids books by Judy Blume (Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing series)and I love anything about the anime Sailor Moon and I have all sorts of books about her. lol

    yay childhood reading!

  4. i love shel! lovelovellove

    some of my favorites were cloudy with a chance of sunshine and the hungry caterpillar by eric carle

  5. Great picks! I adore the Giving Tree... and I also loved Roald Dahl. My all-time favorite book when I was little was T. Tyler Toad and the Thunder. And I also loved Goodnight Moon.

  6. I love all my childhood books! I had so many favorites it was hard to choose! LM Montgomery was definitely one of my favorite authors.

  7. I do also love read but, unfortunatly, I've loose this passion during the years :-S Don't know why but now I've only time to read the university books.

  8. I remember a few of those books! I always try to remember the books I loved as a child so one day when I have kids, I can them on!
    I was a huge Beverly Cleary fan as a kid...oh, Ramona. Lol. And when I was super young, I loved that book about the caterpillar...I think there's a whole series by that author now too...


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