Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jillian Harris, The Bachelorette

I've never watched The Bachelorette until this season, and I have been watching it every week with a couple girlfriends. It has been really entertaining to watch. Let me give you my thoughts.

Jake was the only one she even had a shot with. He was serious and ready, she got freaked out about how serious he was, then 2 weeks later is saying to everyone that she needs to know how the really feel, if they love her, if they want to get married..blah blah blah.
As far as her final 3: Ed has a girlfriend. He's super cute, but has a gf.(thanks reality steve!), Kiptyn is not that into her (read the body language!) and his mom was SCARY looking. Reed is funny and adorable but totally neurotic (um, hello, fondue?! family date?!).

Oh, and I think it's gonna be Reed who can't get it up. Probably because he's too scared to do it on hotel sheets.

I like Jillian, but I like her stylist more. I dont really care if she finds love, but I do care where she gets her clothes.

Below, my fav Jilly outfits and where you can get them!
Plaid Shirt and Belt:
She looked adorable in this plaid shirt and belt.

Here are some affordable plaids and belts.

Forever 21. $17.80

Urban Outfitters. $48. Urban Outfitters. $20.

Mod Cloth. $19.99Anthropologie. $48.

Anthropologie. $42.

Denim Dress and Adorable Floral Cardigan

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It is super cute. I couldnt find this exact dress, but I found a couple similar and some that are a little different but would still be cute. I bought the cardigan!

Delias. $14.99 <-- cant beat that!

Macy's. $89.

Lulus. $29.

Lulus. $37.

Red Boots, Black Dress.
Probably my favorite!

Exact Boots:Aldo. $109.98.

Available in other colors. I like grey and purple!!
These are on sale and only have select sizes left, probably gone soon!

Similar Dresses:

Saks. $480.

Bloomingdales. $368

. E-dress me. $72.

Bloomingdales. $332.

The one above is a little different, but I think this one would be really cute with the boots too.

There were some other things she wore that I loved, but this is all I'm going to do for right now. Which outfit do you like? What do you think of Jilly (and/or her stylist)?


  1. great post!! love the outfits!!


  2. Ed has a girlfriend?! I am not going to be able to sleep until Monday now!! I can't wait to see the next show. (I'm kind of addicted).

    I have loved most of Jillian's outfits, especially that gorgeous little black dress she wore at the last rose ceremony. She looked stunning. She has a great sense of style. There were a couple classy coats she wore in Canada (and Philly, I think) that I just adored as well.

    Loved this post! :)

  3. I don't really follow the show, so I had no idea she dressed (or was dressed) so cutely! One of my fave plaid shirts used to belong to my dad, WAY back in the day (30+yrs ago) when he was young and super skinny, don't think he wore it much though cause it's still in excellent condition...thanks dad!
    Fabulous find on the cardi - you really can't beat that!
    On my blogroll :)

  4. Oh, I looooove the last plaid shirt you put on here!! I need to go shopping!

    I also need to make a blogroll so I can add you to the top of the list!

  5. Oh wow ! These outfits are incredible! I like the plaid and the black dress with the red boot! Thanks for giving us looks we can purchase too! Hurray!! Except now you may have caused me to impulse buy :)

    Beautiful blog, dahlin'!


  6. Being a male, I'm not sure my opinion will ever be valid... but I will say that she's pretty! And the plaid/belt combo is rather cute (but I'm a big fan of cute rather than sexy, so...)

    What is that show anyway? A rich female that gets match-made with some suitable men? I think we had the inverse in the UK a few years back, but truth be told... I don't dare keep up with reality TV nowadays :P

    Those simple black dresses are very pretty too.

  7. Oh my goodness! I was so thinking of doing a post like this. So much better to see yours - it's way better than I would have done. Kudos!

  8. I have never watched the show but I love reading people's blog posts about it (especially when some Wes guy was still around... seemed that everyone agreed he was awful). I do love her plaid outfit though. I am loving plaid lately!

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