Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stella. Love it.

Stella says "The clothes in the campaign are looking quite fierce, and we wanted to contrast them with the innocence of Bambi." Love, love, love this.

I'm also loving all of these, on sale from the Spring/Summer collection.. Available at

Balboa clutch. . $379

Silk Twill Boat Neck Carney Top. $179

Habotay Silk Short. $269

Washed Linen Clutch. $399


  1. Hun I tagged you, hope you don't mind.

    I love this shorts! and Balboa clutch! lovely!

  2. wow the collection is going to be beautiful

  3. If I had money... that boat neck top would be in my closet! Love it!!

  4. Beautiful clothes! :) Stella is so fab.

    And I love those shorts near the bottom.

  5. Stella is the master when it comes to casual chic and comfortable clothing. Such a cute campaign! Although I'm sure by now everyone knows she doesn't use furs or leather!

  6. Oh, I had to look twice, or thrice, at those shorts. Love!!!

    p.s. gave you an award on today's post :)

  7. Hurray! I love that you put up these wonderful photos with the Disney characters! This campaign makes me waaay happy!

    I just love Stella! Great post, dahlin!!

  8. Such an amazing campaign, besides, who doesn't love Bambi?! And yum those black shorts look fab. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend dear :)

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    Visit anytime!

    <3 Gina


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